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Do you know that last is the soul of shoes?
From: Fuzhou Fufeng Shoe Last Co., Ltd. Post date: 2019-06-21

In the shoemaking process, there is a mystery that shoemakers call "the soul of the shoe", but consumers generally do not understand, that is, the mystery.——
A shoe last

Last [xufan], [Shuowen Jiezi] describes it as follows: Hu, performing the law. From wood, sound. Words are also used as last. It is called last in Su Dynasty.  Cut wood like a foot, and put it like a foot. It's flat.
Baidu Encyclopedia describes shoe last as follows:
Last is the mother of shoes. It is the moulding die for shoes. Shoe last not only determines the shape and style of shoes, but also determines whether the shoes fit and protect the feet. Therefore, shoe last design must be based on foot shape, but it can not be the same as foot shape, because foot shape, size, stress and other changes in static and moving state, coupled with the variety of shoes, styles, processing technology, the performance of raw and auxiliary materials, wearing environment and conditions are different, the shape of shoe last and the size of each part can not be exactly the same as foot shape.
Modern shoe last design not only involves many disciplines, but also requires high manual skills and experience. But shoe last appeared in ancient times. In the frescoes of Heckranim in the 1st century B.C., shoemakers pulled shoe last from inside to outside. In 1961, two wood last objects were unearthed from the ruins of Niya on the ancient Silk Road in Xinjiang. One man's last is 24 centimeters long, 8.5 centimeters wide and 8 centimeters thick. The other woman's last is 21.5 centimeters long, 7 centimeters wide and 6 centimeters thick.
The earliest last workshop in China was Wang Ji Shoe Last Workshop opened by Wang Arong in 1851. In 1855, Britain began to make shoe last. It was not until the early 20th century that the shoe last industry began. There are three kinds of shoe last: wood, plastic and metal.
So, as the soul of shoemaking, where is the meaning of last? To put it simply:
Shoe last determines whether the shoe is beautiful or not
Shoe last can be described as a mold in the shoe-making process. Fabrics and soles are all attached to the shoe last shaping. When the shoe is finished, the shoe last will be pulled out of the shoe again, so consumers may never see the most important parts in the shoe-making process.
However, the appearance of a pair of shoes is beautiful, the lines are smooth, the design is reasonable, the style is satisfactory, are determined by the last.
With the change of the times, the material of shoe last has developed from wooden shoe last to plastic shoe last. The manufacturing technology has changed from pure handmade to computer 3D design and manual combination. However, as the soul of shoes, the status of shoe last has never changed.

Shoe last determines whether shoes are comfortable to wear
Last also determines the size and comfort of shoes. The finished shoes sold on the market are made of standard size shoe last, so they can not fully meet the foot shape of every consumer.
True foot customization shoe lasts need to be customized for every consumer, because only shoe lasts designed and manufactured according to the foot shape of consumers can maximize the comfort of fit.
In other words, if you feel uncomfortable wearing standard size finished shoes, the fundamental reason is that the last design of finished shoes can not match your foot shape data.
Independent shoe last design capability is the real customization
At present, the domestic customized leather shoes field is mixed, it has to be said that most of the declared customized manufacturers either use packaged finished shoes, or can only make minor repairs on the finished shoe last.
Independent shoe last design capabilities, can be tailored for each customer, according to each customer's foot shape data and style of independent design of shoe last manufacturers can be said to be very few.