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How to judge whether a pair of leather shoes is good or not? Look at the shoe last.
From: Fuzhou Fufeng Shoe Last Co., Ltd. Post date: 2019-06-21

  How to judge the quality of a pair of leather shoes? You can use shoe last, sole, and midsole as three aspects. This article mainly introduces how to judge a pair of leather shoes by shoe last. Shoes with good last shape can be easily seen, while those with moderate last shape are not so impressive. Shoe last of leather shoes is generally divided into the following three situations:
Firstly, the leather shoes with good last look very high at first glance. Whether they are cut sculpture or line sense, they are just right. This requires the control and modification of shoe last to have a higher aesthetic, and only a large brand of leather shoes will go to repeatedly carve and optimize, after all, which requires a lot of cost. Shoe last good leather shoes often do in the side of the waist processing, in the fit foot shape at the same time, but also create a beautiful streamline.
Secondly, many last moderate leather shoes need to refer to leather, technology to judge the quality of leather shoes. The so-called golden mean is a strong contrast to the sculpture. This last type of leather shoes will not be so strong in waist closure, the overall line will not be very sharp, often appear in the middle and low-end leather shoes brand. The golden mean last shoe has another obvious feature, that is, the shoe body is slightly wide and round, for low-key and comfortable, the golden mean shoe is more suitable for conservative men.
Thirdly, leather shoes with exaggerated last are generally cheaper. Many last shapes of leather shoes in China are either too mediocre or a little fluent, but they are generally shaped into the shape of leather shoes. They have no sense of design, and even many of them look clumsy. They are shaped like boxes and have no "shape". Many low-end brands often use the same last shapes.
Leather shoes usually have round toe, square toe and pointed toe. Round head is more stable and conservative; square head is more elegant gentleman; sharp head is more fashionable street. Among them, round head is divided into small round head and middle round head, usually with formal leather shoes will choose round head and square head, simple and stable. And if you want to choose the side of the scalp shoes, it is better to choose a small square head, more suitable for matching with the formal dress. In addition, pointed leather shoes are generally not suitable for formal wear.