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  • Address: No. 69, Guozhai Shangzhou, Gaishan Town

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Fuzhou Fuzhou Fufeng Shoe Last Co., Ltd. is located in the political, economic, cultural and scientific research center of the Economic Zone on the west side of the Straits. Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province, is located in Guozhai Shangzhou, Gushan Town, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City. It was registered with the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, on March 08, 1996. Its registered capital is 3 million RMB. During the 23 years of its development and growth, we have always been for the company. Customers provide good products and technical support, sound after-sales service, our company mainly engaged in the production, processing and wholesale of shoe last, heel, shoe materials, and commission. We have good products and professional sales and technical team. Our company belongs to the industry of Fuzhou Shoe Last Company. If you are interested in our company's products and services, we look forward to your online message or call for consultation.